If I told you
How many times
I’ve sat alone
On the shower floor,
I promise,
You’d cry too. l.s.f. (via despawndent)

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getting caught taking selfies in public changes u as a person

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Its kind of weird how one day someone wakes up and no longer wants to talk to you anymore and it happens and then so much time passes and they have moved on got a new life and they don’t even mention you in passing and you’re still here wondering why and how this even happened and why its not as easy for you as it was for them

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fun fact: you don’t cure depression by telling me i have nothing to be sad about

another fun fact: you dont cure anxiety by just getting up and doing whatever it is that makes you anxious

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My thighs are bigger than my chances in life

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i have abs………olutely nothing

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Holy shit the notes 😳
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fucking powerful. and unfortunately true

Tall people are assholes.

Tall people are assholes.
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Anxiety attacks are the worst because sometimes you have no idea why you’re crying or angry and you just think of everything wrong in your life and you can’t control it all you can do is breath in and out and cry it out

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I scrolled past this at first and then I thought about it and I realized what it means

Do I…?